Joey has joined our school

Joey was born on 3rd September 2019.  He is a Maltese.  He came to join us at St. Joseph's on 25th November 2019. The children chose his name and after much debate we settled on Joey as they felt that it fitted in well with St. Joseph's. 
His first few weeks in school were very exciting, with him attending all our Christmas Festivities, including the Nativity Concerts and the Carol Concert. He happily welcomed all our visitors at the door. 
He has recently completed  five weeks of puppy school and received a certificate at our Love Learn, Grow Assembly to mark this achievement. He even shook his paw with Mrs Lovegrove when he was given this.
He is gradually being introduced to our school environment and the children and he is getting more confident everyday. 
Joey wears a lead at all times when he is walking around school and always has an adult with him when he is with the children.