Year 1

The children are enjoying our new dungeons and dragons topic. So far they have learned about St George, and re-enacted the story of George and the Dragon.

Things to remember:

Every Friday we have football.  This means they need to have outdoor trainers to get muddy, as well as having plimsoles.  Do give them a bag for the muddy trainers to be kept in!

Thursday 9th May we are going orienteering at Dr Challoners. Please arrive promptly dressed in your St Joseph's PE kit. We will be leaving at 9am. 

NOTICE CHANGE OF DATE: Thursday 7th June is a dungeons and dragons feast day.  To prepare for this we will need a large white t-shirt for each child that we will convert into a tunic, so adult size!  We will also need cardboard for makings shields.  Any donations of pritt stick and plastic ‘gems’ to stick on the crowns would be greatly appreciated.

Please read through au alien real words and nonsense words. This is so children can practise their phonic skills in preparation for the phonics screening test.
This week in maths, we have looked at odd and even numbers. We have then moved on to look at sharing. Please use this resource to practise and to reinforce sharing.