Year 2

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday!  
Welcome to our new combination of in-class teaching for critical worker children, and distance learning for those working from home.
We are starting our next topic, Antarctic Adventures.  We will be learning about how penguins survive in such a cold continent!
Daily reading
Please read with your child everyday for 15 minutes and write in the reading record book how your child is progressing.  When you come back to school, books are changed every Wednesday morning.
Spelling shed
Spellings are set every Monday and are linked to our phonics. Children will be tested every Monday.
Weekly Maths and SPAG and Reading Comprehensions are set on Thursdays to be completed by the following Thursday.
Discovery Books
Tasks are set every half term. This is where you get to be creative and design whatever you would like, as long as it relates to the half term topic assigned. There will be a short description of what is expected each time they are sent home. Due back at end of term, the date to be returned will be clear in the instructions.