Year 5

This term we've started our learning about space! In Science, we've learnt some impressive scientific vocabulary like heliocentric, spherical and orbiting. In English, we are using our knowledge of space and research skills to write non-chronological reports. We are even learning about the history of space in Topic! Using our sketching skills, we've been learning how to shade and sketch spheres to create the different planets in our solar system... it's been a brilliant start to the new year!
Try doing some more research at home to practice those note taking skills we've learn about! Here are some great websites you might like to use:
We loved our visit to the Roald Dahl Museum. 
Here is what some of us had to say about it... 

Yesterday Year5 went to the Roald Dahl Museum. I’m so glad I went because it was so much fun! I tried to eat the chocolate walls… it smelt so good my tummy was rumbling! First we went on a walk around Great Missenden. We went to the place where Roald Dahl went shopping and where he walked his dog Chopper. We even saw the library where he set ‘Matilda’.

Ruby L


What I enjoyed about the Roald Dahl Museum was when we went to Roald Dahl’s grave and when we talked about what inspired him to write his books like ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’, ‘Matilda’ and ‘The BFG’. It was also fun because we got to have a look around the lovely local area.


In the Roald Dahl Museum we had lots of fun. When we first came up to the building we say a pale blue building with the BFG on it. We entered it and found ourselves in front of the big Wonka gates. They were purple and it said Wonka on it in gold capital lettering. Before we even had time to think about the gates a lady met us.

“Good morning sausages!” she called.

We stayed silent.

She continued “My name is Charlotte and I will be helping you today.”.



On Wednesday 16th October Year 5 all visited the Roald Dahl museum. When we were there we learnt a lot of interesting thinks like he was going to write a 3rd Charlie book. But the most fascinating thing was stepping where he use to step. When we were in the museum we also got to do loads of fun activities.

It was so fun I wish we could go again.


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